Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to book my session?

Ideally, sessions should be booked at least three weeks in advance. This allows plenty of time to plan your session and answer any questions.

Do you offer sneak peaks on Facebook?

The lifestyle Facebook page has been unpublished. Over the years I have found most clients enjoy sharing their photographs on their own terms when it comes to social media. I respect this choice and provide low-resolution files with all sessions, sized for sharing on social media.

What should we wear? Should we all match and wear the same color?

First and foremost, wear clothing that is suitable to the location we are holding the session and make sure you are comfortable! It is not ideal to wear clothing that will hinder movement or cause you to spend time tugging and pulling to keep everything in place. I do encourage everyone to match, in the sense that you do not want to wear clashing colors. However, I discourage clients from all wearing the same color (white shirts, khaki bottoms) unless they are looking for a uniform look. My best advice is to have some fun with your wardrobe, but stay comfortable!

How would you describe a typical session onsite?

Three words immediately come to mind – relaxed, casual and fun. During sessions, my goal is for my clients to be comfortable. I capture a mixture of candid and naturally posed photographs. We will sit, stand, run around, play, explore; basically I like to move around and take advantage of outdoor settings. If we are capturing photographs in your home, we will utilize any and all spaces you want to include (inside and outside). Although every session is different, my favorite photographs are the ones that come from spontaneous moments and natural interaction. If you are looking for a completely posed session, we may not be a perfect match for one another.

Do you provide props for each session?

I currently do not provide props. If you have special props that you would like to include, you are more than welcome to have them at the session location! I do ask that you provide plans to incorporate props beforehand.

Do you photograph events and/or weddings?

At this time, wedding, event and party services are not offered.

I want to have my session held in a location that charges an admission fee. How does that work?

Admission fees are not included in session fee pricing. If an admission fee is required, the client is responsible for covering all fees for session participants and the photographer.

I live outside of your immediate area. How much will it cost for your travel fee?

Travel fees depend on the number of miles and amount of time needed to reach your desired location. Overnight accommodations require direct reimbursement, when applicable. Please complete the contact form and provide information on where you would like to have your session and I will be in touch with pricing for a travel fee.

How do you determine your session fees?

Session fees are determined by the amount of time spent on each session from start to finish. Sessions require time for planning, capturing, backing up, culling, post-processing and sharing the photographs. The session fee goes toward compensating the photographer for these hours.

How are digital files delivered?

All digital files, whether low-resolution or high-resolution, are delivered through a private link on Dropbox.

I do not see my questions listed, now what do I do?

I am always available to answer questions! Please feel free to complete the contact form and I will be in touch shortly.